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Chocolate for your farmer

Chocolate for your farmer

On January 20th, we celebrate Bóndadagur or Farmer’s day. Although the original meaning of this day has changed quite a lot, the tradition carries on, and on this day, men or partners, aka “farmers,” are treated extra special with nice dinners and gifts. 

Here are some chocolate gift ideas for your farmer.

Coffee and chocolate

Probably the best combo in the world. We recommend Milk of Madagascar with a good cup of cappuccino. 

Coffee and tea

Tea and coffee go together like two peas in a pod. The tea cleanses the palette making the chocolate experience even more delightful. We highly recommend rooibos and Tanzania 70%

Beer and chocolate

This wonderful pairing has grown in popularity over the years.  We love trying new things, and pairing a stout beer with Black n Burnt Barley is an experience highly recommended. 

For the dinner party

Skip the complicated dessert and bring a 250 gr chocolate bar to the dinner party for everyone to share; this is the perfect sharing experience. For this, we recommend Caramel.

For the sweet tooth

Omnom Krunch is the perfect sweet snack for the person who just wants to lie on the couch and watch good TV with a treat #selfcare

For the ice cream lover

Let's admit it, no amount of cold stops us from having ice cream. Why not invite your "farmer" for a delicious ice cream creation in our chocolate and ice cream shop.

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