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Omnom Chocolate and Ice Cream Shop

Omnom ice cream available at our store in Reykjavik 

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Monday 1 PM -  8 PM
Tuesday 1 PM -  8 PM
Wednesday 1 PM -  8 PM
Thursday 1 PM -  8 PM
Friday 1 PM -  8 PM
Saturday 1 PM -  8 PM
Sunday 1 PM -  8 PM


In the heart of Reykjavík

We welcome you to our very special Chocolate and Ice Cream Shop, located in our Chocolate Factory at Hólmaslóð 4. We offer colourful and adventurous Ice Cream creations made with lots of love in our Chocolate Factory (where we also sell chocolate of course). We use a special ice cream blend for our ice creams, and all toppings, creams and sauces are made in-house from scratch.

For our seasonal (Easter, Christmas etc.) specials please follow us on social media.

Seasonal or unforeseen changes to our regular opening hours posted through our social media.

How to get here - Tel: +354 519 5959

Omnom ice cream creations available at our store here in Iceland

Omnom Ice Cream and Chocolate shop in Reykjavik


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