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Our Story

Omnom is a small batch, artisan chocolate maker based in Reykjavík, Iceland. It was founded by Kjartan Gíslason and Óskar Þórðarson in 2013.
As a chef, Kjartan was already familiar with dark chocolate from a single origin, so he started experimenting with flavours and textures that could be achieved in small scale batches.
He teamed up with his childhood friend Óskar and they started bringing the finest cacao beans from around the world to Iceland.

Omnom started as an experiment, a challenge, to see if they could truly understand chocolate and how to make it.
Very early on in their experiments, they received positive feedback from their tastings of bean to bar chocolate.

In little to no time, they set up a small production lab inside a converted petrol station in Reykjavík.

Omnom’s mission is to make the best chocolate possible using the highest quality ingredients.

Why do you guys make chocolate?


“Why do you make chocolate? It is never the question we used to ask ourselves in the beginning, but it is the question we get asked most of the time. We were asking, how is chocolate made and we are still asking us that question”


“Just like wine, beer, cheese or kimchi, chocolate is the labour of a lot of patience, from growing the cacao pods until the bar is safely melting in your mouth. In the past years since starting making chocolate, we have been crafting our skill in making the best chocolate as possible. Patience is what you need to be able have until the final product is ready”


“We started in my apartment, roasting and grinding beans and making chocolate, until we found an abandoned gas station in Seltjarnarnes. There we continued until our first product started rolling out. There were a lot of hours into the night and pots of coffee that went into getting the production going”


“Many mistakes were made, many machines failed and some ingredients was deemed bad and uneatable. But through it all we managed to constantly surprise ourselves with new creations that tasted far better then anything else we had tried”


“To have the ability to work with such an amazing ingredient that is constantly taking on a new flavour every step of the way is just so amazing. Even when you throw it a curve ball like adding on new ingredients, like milk , spices and nuts, it still holds it shape and gives you something new”


“We felt there was a ground to start a small company, to convert a great idea into reality, but also to produce and brand it in a new exciting way. We are influenced by good food and design. So you ask us why do we make chocolate? Well the answer is simple:
Its fun and delicious = omNom

Kjartan worked as a chef across Europe and Iceland for nearly two decades before discovering the bean-to-bar chocolate

Óskar started working young with his father, a fisherman captain, fishing and moving in to start-up companies in the food sector.

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