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Christmas gift ideas from Omnom

Christmas gift ideas from Omnom

Chocolate is the perfect gift for the gourmand in your life who loves a little treat,  your brother who you never know what to give, or that best friend that’s obsessed with everything nordic hygge

Omnom Winter Collection

A gorgeous collection of three chocolates, all inspired by Icelandic Christmas traditions and flavors.


Advent Sunday

Make Advent a little more special with our luxurious Advent Sundays gift box. Specially crafted handmade delicacies, one for each of the four Advent Sundays before Christmas. 

Dark chocolate

For those who appreciate the intricate flavors of dark chocolate, we source our cocoa beans from farms and cooperatives in Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Madagascar. Try them all, and taste the difference between the beans from each region. 


Milk Chocolate

Our milk chocolate bars are so smooth and creamy; they are perfect for those who love the gentle touch of Icelandic milk.

White chocolate

Our white chocolate bars are intriguing for the adventurous taste mavericks. These bars are also a conversation starter because almost none of the bars are the color white. 

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