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Jólaglögg (Icelandic mulled wine)

Jólaglögg (Icelandic mulled wine)

My special Jólaglögg (Icelandic mulled wine) is the perfect for a family or friend gathering during advent. Also check out my Spiced layered cake, Christmas top cookies, and hot chocolate.

Kjartan Gíslason, chocolate maker and co-founder of Omnom.

Icelandic mulled wine  

Part One 

Three bottles of red wine

Three oranges, peeled and pressed 

Two lemons, peeled and pressed 

120 g honey

150 g cane sugar

100 g cocoa nibs 

Two cinnamon sticks

Ten cloves 

Ten cardamoms

1-star Anais

One vanilla bean, cut in half, seeds removed 

Part two

30 g vodka

A sprinkle of salt

A sprinkle of sugar

Roasted almond flakes 

Dried cranberries,  chopped 

Put everything in part one of the recipe in a pot, and let it simmer together. Make sure to avoid boiling the concoction. Simmer until the spices start giving a full-bodied flavor (this is the taste part). Add the vodka and season with salt and pepper as you like. Finally, add the almond flakes and cranberries. Et voila! Icelandic mulled wine.

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