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Mr. Carrots´ Carrot Cheesecake

Mr. Carrots´ Carrot Cheesecake

Mr.Carrots himself had plenty to say when deciding on what kind of ice cream dessert would be fit for this undisputed King of Easter. We merged together his secret recipe for carrot cake and burnt Basque cheesecake, added a sauce made from carrots and mandarin from his garden and blended with our spiced white chocolate. To top it off we added sprinkles of oat cookie crumble and caramelized pecans.

Cheesecake center with white chocolate.

Spiced carrot and mandarin sauce.

Caramelized pecan nuts and cookie crumble.

Soft serve ice cream.


Mr. Carrots´ Carrot Cheesecake will be available in our store from today until April the 1st.

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