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Mr. Carrots, the one and only chocolate sculptural bunny is back

We love chocolate, and we love exploring and experimenting with chocolate. On one of these exploration journeys, Mr. Carrots was born. 


Mr. Carrots is not just chocolate in our minds, but a piece of art.


Mr. Carrots is made with our award-winning Lakkrís + Sea Salt chocolate, and is a very limited release this year. The chocolate bunny is only available in our Icelandic online shop as well as in our chocolate shop in Grandi.


Click here to get your hands on Mr. Carrots to enjoy over the holidays. 


See the opening hours of our chocolate and Ice Cream Shop.

Crafted in Omnom’s signature Lakkrís chocolate, the nation’s favorite, Mr. Carrots is ready to delight the Easter festivities.

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