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Pride Coloring Contest 2022

Pride Coloring Contest 2022

We want to make life even more colorful by doing a coloring contest in honor of Reykjavík Pride 2022 which will be held 2nd-7th of August. 

All you have to do is download our artwork below, find your inner Picasso, and let the creative juices flow. 

Then,  share your art on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) with the hashtag #omnomchocolate and tag us in your photos. If you don’t have social media, you can send us your art via email

If you're a better artist online, you can also screen-grab images in IG stories or download over the next few days. Just make sure to tag us and use hashtag once your masterpiece is ready.

We will award the most creative picture with a gift basket filled with our favorite stuff from Bioeffect, Saltverk,  66°North, and loads of chocolate. This contest is global, and the winner will be announced on August 8th.

Make sure to catch the Parade downtown on August 6th. Click here for details


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Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

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