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The Werewolf of Black Forest is back

The Werewolf of Black Forest is back

The werewolf of Black Forest is Omnom’s Halloween ice cream dessert.  The inspiration is drawn from the ever-so-beautiful chocolate cake from Black Forrest in Germany, which usually contains sweet and sour cherries, a fudge-like chocolate sponge smothered in Kirsh liquor, whipped vanilla cream, and chocolate sprinkles. 

Our take on this delicious cake is soft serve ice cream, a soft chocolate brownie made with our Madagascar 66% chocolate, and a very special cheery chocolate jam with a balsamic that tones well with the brownie. The top layer of the ice cream is chocolate cookie crumble, a chocolate forest, and more cherry-chocolate balsamic syrup.

This ice cream creation is so dreamy; only brother Grimms could have written it. 

The Werewolf of Black Forrest will be available until Halloween. 

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