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The winter bar contest

The winter bar contest

To create this year’s winter edition chocolate bar, the Omnom team held a contest.

Every employee submitted ideas of their own while Kjartan, the head Chocolate Maker, remained impartial.

Each entry needed to have a description of the flavour, a story about its inspiration, and an animal for the packaging.
We ended up with 26 incredible, mouth-watering concepts on paper and voted. Based on concept alone, we narrowed down the selection to 7 bars.

Of those seven, the semi-finalists made test batches in our chocolate lab. One week passed and we had our first tasting of the 7 semifinal concepts.
After a second vote, 3 finalists emerged: Dirty Chai, Rye Bread + Caraway, and Hazelnut.
The finalists then made revised test batches, perfecting the recipes for final judging by the team.
We sat down to taste, dissect, and analyze each of the three concept bars. Nervously, the votes were counted to determine whose idea would come to fruition.

Introducing Hazelnut, a luscious chocolate ground smooth with whole roasted hazelnuts and topped with crunchy, caramelised hazelnut pieces.

"My idea for the chocolate has its roots in being back in Italy. Whenever I wanted a comforting, smile-inducing treat I would go for Gianduja: the perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnut," said Veronica, designer at Omnom.

"The incredible melty texture and deep, rich flavour reminds me of the best memories back home. I’m so happy to have developed my own Gianduja chocolate, Omnom style," said Veronica.

First and foremost is the cacao, enriched with the nutty kick of hazelnuts. Next, Icelandic milk rounds out the super creamy mix. Lastly, the caramelised hazelnut bits on top seal the deal.

It’s hard to resist another bite!

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