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UNI-T for Pride

Posted on July 16 2019

pride unicorn rainbow gay prideTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of Reykjavík Pride, we wanted to do something a little different. Two years ago we created a sparkling batch of chocolate, devoted to supporting every single colour of the human rainbow. Caramel + Milk was born, and shortly it became our most popular chocolate bar, in every corner of the world.

“Since the inception of Caramel + Milk, we have been wanting to do something more. Move out of the box and even create something we could be able to wear with pride,“ says Kjartan Gíslson chocolate maker and founder of Omnom Chocolate. 

With love and excitement in our hearts, we give you our newest creation, The Uni-T.

Made out of 100% organic cotton, all the colours of the rainbow and pure pride.

The Uni-T will be available both online (worldwide shipping) and in-store at our Factory Shop in sizes S/M/L/XL. The t-shirt will also be available in the official Pride shop during Reykjavík Pride. 

Omnom is an official sponsor of Reykjavik Pride.


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