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Winter Collection

Winter Collection

The Winter Collection draw its inspiration from Icelandic festive traditions. In the cold embrace of the northern winter, we warm up our hearts with nostalgic flavours and find comfort away from the cooling temperatures under a cosy blanket. 

We invite you to enjoy Christmas the Omnom way, and experience our favourite holiday memories.

Our winter collection gift box is now available and it includes our three delicious winter bars. 

Dark Nibs + Raspberries

The Madagascan cocoa beans were the reason we fell in love with chocolate in the first place, so our Madagascar 66% holds a special place in our hearts. Its rich red berry flavour and delicate texture is what makes this bar so distinct. 

Our inspiration for this bar comes from those gentle berry notes, that have that “just right” festive sparkle to them.

As we dress up for the holidays, so did we for this bar. So we added some holiday red raspberries with their perfectly sweet and tarty taste, paired with a dashing amount of Madagascar nibs sprinkled on top. Perfect! Let the bells ring out for Christmas.

Milk + Cookies

The true ghost of Christmas past. Remember the holidays of your childhood? We’ll bet you the first thing that comes to mind is a nice glass of milk and a tasty gingerbread cookie.

It is probably one of the longest running festive traditions, and any Christmas without it just wouldn’t be the same.

We partnered up with our friends at Brauð & Co bakery to create the perfect recipe for a spiced cookie. Using leftover almonds from our production, steel cut oats and a lot of ginger and cinnamon we hit the sweet spot. You can almost taste it can’t you?

This cookie in unison with our 45% Milk of Madagascar chocolate is a match made in heaven. Warms your heart just the right kind of way.

Spiced White + Caramel

Bing Crosby’s White Christmas is spinning on the player, the candles have been lit. Everyone is dressed up in their finest clothes and ready for the bells to chime.

Almost every household in Iceland will have a carafe on the table filled with a mixture of orange soda and traditional Icelandic malt beverage. Now that’s Christmas!

We honour this long standing tradition with a spiced, malted white chocolate. We add a dash of orange peel, the right amount of cinnamon, top it with crunchy caramel and we’ll definitely be home for Christmas!

Gift box is available here

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