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Omnom and Theódóra Alfreðsdóttir have forged an impactful alliance for DesignMarch to explore the untapped potential of husk, a magical byproduct of the cacao bean.

Husk is the shell surrounding the cacao bean.  Around six kilos of husk are collected every day at Omnom. 

This collaboration aims to establish a seamless circular system, where the byproduct and the end product merge into small chocolate sculptures.

In this partnership, the duo seeks to unveil the veiled intricacies of the chocolate-making journey, shedding light on the chocolate-making process and emphasizing the genesis – the cocoa bean itself.

Omnom draws inspiration from nostalgia, Icelandic nature, and culture when crafting its flavors. At the same time, Theódóra, based in London, channels a profound connection with Icelandic nature and a yearning for her homeland, infusing a palpable sense of homesickness into the collaboration. These emotions take center stage in the immersive experience crafted.

Guests are guided through a chocolate journey comprised of different stations. At each juncture, guests will taste an array of chocolate bonbons – essentially edible sculptures – inspired by the rich tapestry of Icelandic nature and culture. Birch, barley, licorice, red beets, berries, and other locally inspired elements will feature prominently, with each bonbon meticulously shaped by Theodóra's distinctive forms. All sculptures are crafted from the husk. These forms, like the chocolate, draw inspiration from Icelandic landscapes and intimate memories from Theodóra's upbringing.

The heart of the experience lies in the reminder of our immediate surroundings, encapsulating the essence of chocolate's origin – a journey that extends from bean to bite. This thoughtfully curated journey of memories and nostalgia via chocolate will be exhibited during Design March at the Omnom Chocolate Factory.  Very limited availability.

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