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Happy first day of summer!

Posted on April 23 2020

You're probably thinking to yourself  “but it’s not summer yet.” 
Well, according to the old Norse calendar there were only two seasons, Winter and Summer, so today, it’s officially summer. Gleðilegt sumar! (This literally means Happy Summer). 

The funny thing about this day is that the weather is usually quite bad in Iceland on this special day. Rarely, do we get a day that feels like summer has begun or even that spring is in the air. This time around, this day is particularly special because of what we are collectively going through. 

To know that there are brighter days ahead really warms our hearts. It’s a tradition in Iceland to give children a First day of Summer gift. 

Below you will find downloadable artwork of our iconic Wolf. We invite you to make your own Omnom masks and celebrate summer with us. 

We also want to brighten up your day with a little gift. Starting from today we bring you seven days of summer. Use the discount code SUMAR2020
for a 10% discount of all your orders in our online shop*

Gleðilegt sumar! 

Download Omnom mask 


*This discount code only applies to our Icelandic online shop

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