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Intense, dark and bitter

Intense, dark and bitter

Hundred percent chocolate is nothing but chocolate. There is no sugar, no milk, no additives, fruits or nuts. Hundred percent chocolate is a serious chocolate, definitely not for everyone but hits the spot for others.  

When working with 100% chocolate, it’s important to work with farmers that are mindful about the harvesting process along with paying close attention to the roasting of the cocoa beans, which is the most important part of the chocolate making process.

For Peru 100%, our first ever 100% chocolate, we roasted the beans for a long time at a low temperature to keep all those delicate taste notes intact.

We sourced our Gran Nativo Blanco beans from Cacaotales in Peru. The Gran Nativo Blanco, is a rare, elegant and a premium cocoa bean. The name stems from the color of the cocoa bean itself, which is white. The Gran Nativo Blanco was rediscovered in Northern Peru in 2008 after being hidden for more than a century.

When we began experimenting with the Gran Nativo in our test kitchen, we discovered that the flavour profile of this white cocoa bean is so interesting and strong to stand on its own.

The Peru 100% has an intense, very dark and bitter flavour combined with papaya and citrus fruits, with an aftertaste of burnt walnuts and a velvety smooth finish. It’s a chocolate bar that will tantalise your palate.

Peru 100% is a limited release bar and we promise a unique experience which is dark, intense and bitter.

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