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It's our 7th anniversary!

In celebration of our 7th year anniversary, we have put together a special birthday ice cream dessert for the occasion. Since Sea Salted Toffee is back in production after what seems like ages of non mouthwatering Sea Salted Toffee time, we decided this occasion would be perfect to highlight it. We baked a blondie with chunks of Sea Salted Toffee. On top of that, we made frosting with Mascarpone cheese and more Sea Salted Toffee, of course. Then, we added some deliciously tangy strawberry-lemon jam and to top it off, we added a cake pop and rainbow sprinkles.

- Soft blondie pieces made with Sea Salted Toffee chocolate

- Mascarpone cheese frosting with Sea Salted Toffee chocolate

- Strawberry-lemon jam

- Birthday cake pop

The birthday ice cream dessert will only be available through Sunday November 8th. For opening hours of our Ice cream shop, click here

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