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JFDR X Omnom Chocolate

JFDR X Omnom Chocolate


  • 4-track EP available at Iceland AIrwaves 2018 as Omnom chocolate bar with a download code
  • Small-scale concert to be held during Iceland Airwaves at the Omnom Factory in Reykjavík
  • Festival-goers can apply for the tickets lottery at
  • Breakout Icelandic musician JFDR, a.k.a Jófríður Ákadóttir, has announced her final release of 2018. The ‘Gravity’ EP will come out on Nov. 8th, and will be available only as a limited edition matcha chocolate bar made in collaboration with Icelandic artisanal chocolate company Omnom. The tracks on the EP are previous unreleased, as is this flavour of chocolate, which was designed especially for the collaboration with Jófríður.

    The EP will be on sale at various places around Reykjavík during the 2018 Iceland Airwaves music festival. An exclusive launch concert will be held at the Omnom Chocolate Factory in Reykjavík during Iceland Airwaves 2018, with just 20 tickets given out to lucky winners, who’ll take part in a matcha tea ceremony before seeing Jófríður perform the EP live. People based in Reykjavík or attending Iceland Airwaves 2018 can enter the ticket lottery at

    Jófríður says, of the project: “The chocolate EP is a dream come true for me. I've thought about it for such a long time—finding an outlet for music that has another dimension to it than CDs and vinyl. Both chocolate and tea are things that feel ceremonial, contain history and culture and lift your spirits, affect your mood and being—similar to music. I'm so excited to be making this product—a merging of sound, taste, texture and visual art.”

    Omnom founder and head chocolatemaker Kjartan Gíslason adds: “We love experimenting with new flavours and collaborating with other artists, and we were immediately drawn to this whimsical approach to releasing Jófríður’s music.”

    Gravity EP will be on sale at the Airwaves merch store and in selected Reykjavík stores.

    Win tickets to the concert at

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