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The Icelandic Yule cat

The Icelandic Yule cat

In Icelandic folklore, there’s a big feral cat that lurks around homes during the Christmas season waiting for its next prey. He terrifies children and adults alike. He is said to eat children and all those that don’t get new clothes for Christmas. Growing up in Iceland, he’s what nightmares are made of.

No one really knows how this story started but some believe the Yule Cat was used to as an incentive for households finish processing wool and housework before the Christmas season. Those who did not finish their work in time would be eaten by the big evil cat. The folklore of the child-eating feral cat is still widely popular today among Icelanders.

In truth, stray and feral cats are neither evil nor frightening, and they definitely do not eat children. No one really knows how many cats in Iceland are feral or strays, they are thought to be in the thousands. In our minds, the Yule cat is the protector of these Icelandic stray and feral cats. The old folklore reminds us not turn a blind eye to our little furry friends in need.

The cat rescue organisation Villikettir´s (e. Wild Cats) main mission is to find feral and stray cats in Iceland, catch them, neuter and finally released. This is the best way to contain the growing number of stray and feral cats in Iceland. The organisation also finds homes for kittens of they stray and feral cats.

This Christmas season, we proudly supports Villikettir with our new winter bar; Drunk Raisins + Coffee. With this collaboration, we want to raise awareness about the the important work of Villikettir and support them with a financial contribution.

The Omnom winter bar is a limited release chocolate bar only available in stores in Iceland from November 1st.

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