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Omnom's winter bar 2018

Posted on October 29 2018

This winter we wanted to challenge ourselves with a tradition we’ve had for years. 

Drawing inspiration from the cold winter evenings, we started asking ourselves what would make us feel kósý, as we say in Icelandic.

We wanted a create a bar that felt welcoming like a dessert after a warm hearty meal or that sip of warm Jólaglögg (Mulled wine) on a snowy day.

We began with rum, raisins, coffee and milk chocolate. What could possibly go wrong with that?  As is turns out, not too much. This year’s winter bar is the epitome of kósý and has been appropriately named Drunk Raisins + Coffee.

We soaked green raisins in a simple syrup infused with Mandarin juice, Madagascar Vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, cardamoms and Austrian Rum. For that perfect flavour, we soaked the raisins for 30 days before drying them out and hand chopping every single one of those sticky bastards.

Then we created a unique blend of chocolate with cocoa beans from Tanzania and added Brazilian coffee beans and Icelandic milk. The outcome is our Drunk Raisins + Coffee. 

Our winter bar is a limited edition chocolate bar that will be available in stores in Iceland from November 1st. 

Now you’ve read enough about it! Get a hold of that deliciousness and taste it. 

-Omnom team.

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