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New recipe! Lakkrís + Raspberry


As we always strive for the best possible flavor, and due to our endless love for experimentation, once we initially released the Lakkrís + Raspberry bar, our search didn’t end there. We kept on trying new things and stumbled upon a minute change in the recipe that brought this bar home. By removing the powdered raspberries from the Lakkrís base, we struck a richer and fuller balance between the two key ingredients. By slightly reducing the overall acidity brought in by the raspberries in the chocolate base, we were now experiencing a bar that was more playful to our palates—weaving together the creamy and spicy Lakkrís notes with the perfect level of sweet and tart tones of the raspberries. We believe we found the right equilibrium. 

The new Lakkrís + Raspberry is in stores now and is included in our Love Collection gift box.

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