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S´more fun this summer!

S´more fun this summer!

Omnom S´mores kit

There is always something magical about those summer evenings. Evenings spent around a sparkling bonfire with family and friends watching the flames dance across the night sky. That nostalgic smell of burned wood, toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and biscuits filling your senses conjuring up vivid memories of childhood camping trips.

Summer evenings are definitely more fun with Omnom S´mores.

We decided to play around with the classic s´mores concept and came up with our very own Omnom twist of the S´MORES KIT.

The kit contains our caramel bar, originally made as a special edition chocolate bar for Reykjavik Pride here in Iceland. Four years ago we created a sparkling batch of chocolate, devoted to supporting every single color of the human rainbow. We have been proud sponsors of Reykjavík Pride ever since and our caramel bar is one of our bestselling products.

In the kit with the caramel bar you will find 4 artisanal marshmallows, 8 buttery oat cookies made by our friends at Brauð & Co here in Iceland along with 4 handy bamboo skewers. All you need this summer, in one kit, to take your great s´mores experience to the next level and make 4 delicious s´mores.

Toast the marshmallow, break up the caramel bar, assemble between the cookies, squish and enjoy. Repeat as often as needed.

S´more fun this summer with Omnom s´mores

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