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The rarest of chocolates

The rarest of chocolates

This rare cacao bean was rediscovered in a small cacao field in northern Peru after being considered extinct for more than a century. To us in the chocolate world, this was a real-life Indiana Jones moment.

The Gran Nativo Blanco bean or the Great White is like none other. The aptly named bean is white in colour making it very distinct from other variations. 

Fortunately, we just got our hands on the new harvest! The aroma, the flavour and texture are still rich in notes of tropical fruits such as papaya and citrus fruit, but with an added hint of cardamom and cloves.  

Very few chocolate makers in the world have the pleasure of crafting chocolate from this precious bean. So it is an absolute honour for us to be able to use the Gran Nativo Blanco for our Peru 100% chocolate.

How to taste 100% chocolate? 

Trying out 100% chocolate can be an intense experience. For those curious souls that want to wander into the unknown, we personally recommend pairing the chocolate with some fruit, coffee, sweet bourbon or even dessert wine. Here are our top pairings. 

  • Fruit
  • Figs and dates are a particular favourite

  • Cheese
  • Try pairing our Peru 100% with Chevre for example

  • Tea
  • Any dark chocolate and tea is the perfect combination, as tea usually allows you to open up the flavour profile and really taste the chocolate

  • Coffee
  • Pour over coffee that carry some berry and fruity tones

  • Dessert wine 
  • A good port wine or Madeira. 

  • Bourbon
  • A velvety smooth bourbon will open up the flavour without overpowering it. We recommend a good honey bourbon.

  • Beer 
  • An IPA or a rich and toasty porter will give unique contrasts.

  • Charcuterie
  • Need we say more?

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