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Welcome back Mr. Carrots!

Posted on March 04 2020

Our favourite connoisseur bunny has returned after a year spent in complete silence, far away from the crowd and clutter of the city. Following deep meditation and self-reflection, our beloved bunny claims to have solved the alleged carrot problem of the world and states that he is now even more delicious than ever.

As there are now only 39 days until Easter, Mr. Carrots has proclaimed a pre-sale shall be initiated from now until March 8th.

He wants to emphasise that there shall only be a very limited supply made available. Thus, he recommends his fellow connoisseurs and chocolate lovers to seize the opportunity posthaste.

Mr. Carrots will be made publicly available in our Factory Shop and domestic online store from March 9th and as he does not like to travel he is available for pickup in-store only, due to his sensitive and delicate nature and overall lack of feet.

Keep calm and hop on.

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