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Mr. Carrots

A few years ago, Kjartan Gíslason, Omnom’s co-founder and chocolate maker, set out to create an Easter Egg. Celebrating Easter with a chocolate Easter Egg is a long-standing tradition in Iceland. 

For this chocolate egg to become a reality, it had to be unique; It had to look like an Omnom Easter Egg, something we could be very proud of.

A chocolate egg where the chocolate is the key player, with no candy or other thrills to take away from the chocolate experience.

This chocolate egg had to look and feel like a piece of art, something you would want to display in your living room next to your beautiful vase or statue. 

Kjartan and designer Veronica sat down and came up with a few different ideas, and after some thoughtful deliberation, decided to create a geometric chocolate egg. After a few sketches, they felt like the egg needed more personality. At first, they talked about a chocolate lamb or even little chocolate chickens, but this chocolate needed a more distinct feature. At last, Mr Carrots was born. It took two years to perfect our stern, beautiful chocolate bunny to see the light of day.  

With its geometric shape and shiny reflection, Mr Carrots is a celebration of chocolate.

We are pretty sure it will be the highlight of your Easter celebration.

Mr Carrots is handmade with love in our chocolate factory in Iceland and is made with our signature chocolate  Lakkrís + Sea Salt. Creamy caramelized chocolate spiced with raw Persian licorice.

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